(Auction) I.O.Shield – oLIVE wOOD

(Auction) I.O.Shield – oLIVE wOOD

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I.O.Shield is the next quantum leap in non-electric bio-technology for protecting life and all biodiversity forms from excess non-natural electromagnetic smog (known also by EMF fields), generated by wired or wireless electrical devices. I.O.Shield deflects/deviates EMF fields so life is not affected, allowing technology to thrive.

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Think of I.O.Shild as a “Traffic controller” for waves at a quantum level.

I.O.Shield™ is a non-electric device. It is a Quantum Frame Matrix obtained and programmed by a proprietary technology. The quantum frame is designed and programmed to deflect harmful (ionized and non-ionized) EMF radiation away from living cells. I.O.Shield is the cumulative experience of 12 years in the field of quantum bio-engineering. Today the technology allows us to deliver a small portable/pocket size form or a Shield Generator. We are grateful for this development and upgrade.

I.O.Shield™ does NOT block EMF radiation. It deviates or deflect the waves, restoring equilibrium in the quantum field (atomic and sub atomic level).

The spheres are made from a 100% natural mineral that is photo sensitive. They charge themselves from light and sun. Please expose them to light and sun, thus assuring the best effects for your device and the best benefits for your wellbeing. NO ELECTRICAL CHARGING REQUIRED (no plug-in, USB or Wireless charging required)

All components of I.O.Shield™ are 100% natural and are not chemically treated. No Glue or any synthetic material are used for manufacturing the product especially for assuring the best harmonization effects of the Quantum Matrix Frame.


  • Harmonizing the space around our body and the space we spend a lot of time in (home, offices, gyms, etc.) from excess electro-magnetic smog (of all kind).
  • Harmonizing geo-pathogen waves (Hartmann), including underground water sources).
  • Improves aura and bio-electromagnetic recovery after long exposure to electromagnetic fields or being in dark places (with no natural sun light)
    • Ideal for people living/working in indoor spaces with no natural light, or underground.
  • High speed movement. I.O.Shield™ protects human body in high-speed travels (airplanes, high speed trains, jet propulsion systems, even fast cars and racing) because human body is not designed to move that fast. Speed and radiation affect human body at atomic and quantum level.
  • Working places that involve high technology and fast decisions.
  • Meditation and recovery places (hospitals and clinics).
  • Servers and high-tech facilities.
  • Other arias which involves human interaction with heavy use of modern technology.
  • Ideal for:
    • Airplane pilots and crew.
    • People who fly frequently.
    • F1 Pilots, NASCAR Pilots (etc.)
    • Military personal who operates high speed aircrafts and vehicles.
    • Speed junkies. Adrenalin junkies.
    • Traffic controllers.
    • Computer programmers.
    • Other arias which involves human interaction with heavy use of modern technology.
    • People who make a lot of use of computers and phones.


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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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