Shipping Policies

Domestic Shipping Rates: 5 Euro

European Shipping Rates: 15 Euro

International Shipping Rates: 25 Euro


Additional considerations for international orders

Shipping cost is best calculated by adding to your cart the exact products you want to purchase and entering your shipping address – your order total will automatically generate, including the shipping charge.

Our basic international freight service is FAN COURIER,



Your order may be subject import/customs fees and taxes and it is the customer’s responsibility to be informed about them.  Fees and taxes are unique to each country and the customer is responsible for paying any fees or taxes due.


Occasionally customs can take an extended period of time to review and release an order for delivery. ZPM Coaching LTD has no control or influence over these delays.


Additionally, customs may also determine that an order/product shall not be allowed into the country and will instead return the order to our fulfillment center.  It is the customer’s responsibility to understand their local import laws and which products do and do not comply with those laws.  ZPM Coaching LTD is not responsible for any cost incurred by the customer for orders rejected by the local customs office.


Due to potential delays in the customs review process as well as in the transfer of an order from FAN COURIER to the local postal service, the time from order placement to order delivery can vary widely, both from country to country and order to order.  Because of this we cannot estimate international delivery times at time of checkout or at any time during order transit.

Please keep all of the above in mind before placing your international order.

We don’t mean to discourage international orders and we’re more than happy to support you in any challenges you encounter.  We simply want you to be fully informed before placing your order.